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Best Sortex rice comes in all kinds of different shapes and sizes. Some are long and slender, some are short and thick and some are like beads. None have the same characteristics as basmati rice. Some names of non-basmati rice are shaped like basmati rice which are IR 8, IR 64 etc. Brands also include Broken, Broken 1001, Suganda, Suganda 1001 etc. At Global, we offer a wide variety of rice to suit all kind of needs of our esteemed customers spread across the globe. We supply to some of the leading brands in the world and directly package rice for renowned international brands as well. All varieties of Rice are available in Raw White, Brown or Parboiled form.

Our platter of varieties represents rich Indian heritage coupled with impeccable quality and taste, namely:

Basmati Rice

The "King of Rice". A highly aromatic grain that is long and elegantly thin. Basmati has originated from Vasumati which means earth recognized by its fragrance; while the full exposition of the word is from Hindi. Bas originating from Prakrit Vas which has a sanskrit root- Vasay connoting aroma; and mati from mayup meaning ingrained from the origin. Common usage has changed Vas to Bas while joining bas and mayup the latter changed to mati.. Thus the word Basmati originated.


The 1121 Basmati Rice is the world’s longest grain Rice introduced only a few years back in India. This variety of rice holds the World Record due to the length of its grain. While some of the grains of this rice can be upto 9 mm long, the average length of uncooked 1121 basmati ranges from 8.05 to 8.40 mm. The varieties like 1121 Basmati White Sella Rice and 1121 Basmati Steam Rice are extremely popular in the market. We are considered amongst the most reliable Suppliers of 1121 basmati rice. Available variants of 1121 Basmati are: White sella, Golden sella, Steamed, Raw White.


There are many varieties of Non-Basmati Long Grain Rice around the world. Although it is less fragrant and less in grain size than Basmati, still it finds its popularity due to lower price. Currently we are offering the below range:
• IR64
• IR8

Our packaged products are available in all varieties in packaging sizes of 5Kgs, 10 Kgs, 25 Kgs and 50 Kgs.


Brown, white, short, long, wild, many of the nearly 80,000 varieties of rice have you tried? If your diet has been limited to long grain white (with an occasional brown rice diversion) you've certainly got more than a few treats in store from the world of rice. Learn about your options while picking up a few tidbits about the rice you already know and love.

Brown vs White

Which has more nutrition? The answer may surprise you: both. For white rice (which is enriched brown rice without the bran, husk and germ) provides more thiamin and iron than brown rice, while brown rice provides slightly more fiber, vitamin E, phosphorus and calcium.

Short vs Long

Long grain rice, such as basmati and jasmine, is more than three times as long as wide. Once cooked the grains stay separate, light and fluffy. Medium grain rice (arborio and javonica) is between two and three times as long as wide. When cooked, the grains become more moist than long grain with a bit of cling. Short grain rice (red rice and sticky rice) is less than twice as long as wide, it is creamier in texture and sticks together once cooked. When it comes to choosing long vs. short grain rice for recipes, we recommend long grain for any recipe in which you need a light, separate grain. Use medium or short grain for rice croquettes, risotto and rice puddings.

Waxy vs Nonwaxy

Waxy rice absorbs less water when cooking. The result is a stickier, more glutinous rice (Chinese sticky rice and Thai rice). The grains of nonsticky rices (Carolina and basmati) remain separate after cooking.

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