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Keeping in mind the dreams of tomorrow, every nation looks at their kids as tomorrow lies in the hands of children who drive the future of the nation to further heights with the help of Glucose biscuits (cookies) produced by us. Therefore, it is important to flourish these young children as we are confident that they will take the nation from here to greater heights. Filled with goodness of milk and wheat, Global Energy Food Industries provides youa crispy and tasty nourishment. Pick up a packet of Glucose Biscuits(cookies) to experience something that can substitute your meal with a healthy snack. Glucose biscuits (cookies) specially made to energise the food thrust.





65 GMS

100 PKTS

1440 CTNS

3350 CTNS

47 GMS

120 PKTS

1590 CTNS

3700 CTNS

40 GMS

120 PKTS

1700 CTNS

4100 CTNS

35 GMS

200 PKTS

1250 CTNS

2950 CTNS

30 GMS

200 PKTS

1300 CTNS

3100 CTNS

16 GMS

300 PKTS

1850 CTNS

4350 CTNS

13 GMS

300 PKTS

2000 CTNS

4700 CTNS

12 GMS

300 PKTS

2300 CTNS

5500 CTNS

11 GMS

300 PKTS

2450 CTNS

5700 CTNS

10 GMS

300 PKTS

2500 CTNS

5850 CTNS

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